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Our World

Eternity: Hotaru takes place in a fantasy version of our world. This is the world of the living and the undead. This world loves all kinds of undead and keeps finding new ways to bring the living back to some kind of "life" through various forms of vampirism--Immortals, Blood Spawn, & Death Spawn being the main types but there's all kinds of things out there in the world. Mortals also have access to their own forms of supernatural lifestyles through mediumship, magic, hunting, and being genti (family) or companions to Immortals. 

The Underworld

The Underworld is a place where nearly all of the dead of every other world go when they meet their end. It is a place of strict rules and hierarchies centered around massive cities that imitate the structures of the mortal world. Time and distance have little meaning and geography makes even less sense. The wilderness between the cities of death is populated by ancient monsters and the forgotten magic of thousands of dead mages. Apart from that, it is a very colorful place. Everything that comes to the underworld is sorted into vibrant auras that tell a story of how the being lived and how they died. 

The Dream World

The Dream World, often referred to as the "Cloud of Dreams," hangs as a vast network of clouds created by the "sleepers" of our world. It is a place where mortal mages practice their arts and the immortal Ea hunt for new minds to cultivate. 

The Magic World

"The Magic World" is actually a series of interconnected worlds created by powerful gods who were able to pull themselves out of the Cloud of Dreams and into a realm of pure creation. It is a place of demons and all kinds of spirits--such as Yokai. Many different types of supernatural beings were born here. Spirits from this realm are always looking for new "bodies" to inhabit in the mortal world. 

The Mirror World

The Mirror World is the least understood of all the supernatural abodes. It was once an exact copy of our world but an apocalyptic catastrophe long ago plunged it into permanent darkness. Now it is a ruin filled with terrifying creatures who have never known the light. Only Immortals from the Umbrama family are able to go there and return "safely" but those who do must do so completely blind.  

About the Supernatural Beings

of Eternity: Hotaru

This page will update as more supernatural beings are revealed in the course of the Eternity: Hotaru storyline. 

Pierce from Eternity: Hotaru
The Oni of Eternity: Hotaru
Candy of Eternity: Hotaru
Komainu from Eternity: Hotaru
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Companions are mortals who regularly consume vampiric anima in order that they live longer lives. As long as they are fed anima regularly, they will not age. Any mortal may become a companion at any time. Consuming anima will halt the appearance of aging as well as the advance of any disease the mortal may have. Companions are usually romantic interests and friends though they may also be loyal employees--relationships vary. If a companion stops consuming anima regularly, they will quickly gain back all their accumulated years in a matter of days. As such, they tend to be highly motivated to keep their immortal ally "alive" at all costs. Companions tend to possess great personal skills more than supernatural abilities though the latter is not unheard of. 


Oni are a type of Japanese ogre-demon depicted with horns and large tusks. They often have the ability to change their size from humanish to towering giants. Many are depicted with red or blue skin and they often wear clothing related to their trade. Oni have their own motivations for doing things but they are generally not viewed as beneficial to humanity. Hotaru's Oni tattoo has been revealed to contain an actual Oni. Why he is along for the ride and what his goals are remain unknown.

Shades / Yurei

Shades are ghosts who reside in the underworld. Shades can manifest themselves in the mortal world for limited amounts of time but it is very difficult to maintain. The stronger their connection to someone living or unliving, the longer they can maintain contact. Shades cannot speak directly to the living or undead without causing harm. Distance in the underworld is entirely subjective. People and places that a Shade has a close bond with will seem closer together for travel purposes. No two Shades are alike in this. Newly deceased Shades have a steep learning curve when it comes to figuring out what they can and cannot do and where they can and cannot go.

Komainu & Shishi

Komainu and Shishi are shrine guardian statues of celestial "lion-dogs." They are positioned outside Shinto shrines to protect the grounds from wicked spirits. The Komainu is the male guardian and he protects the outside of the shrine. He is depicted with his mouth open and ready to attack those who should not be there. The Shishi is the female guardian and she silently protects the interior of the shrine. She is depicted with mouth closed to indicate her stealth and wisdom. The Komainu and Shishi featured in Eternity: Hotaru were created for the webcomic. The Komainu's many curls and tails are depicted in red when he comes to life to fulfill his duty to the shrine.


Genti are the "mortal" family members of an immortal vampire. Genti can remain dormant and live ordinary mortal lives or they can become "activated" or "awakened" by consuming the anima of their immortal relative. Activated genti age as mortals do but instead of dying at the end of their cycle, they enter a coma for about a week and reset back to a younger age to start all over again. They can survive this way for centuries without consuming further anima but if their immortal relative continues to feed and train them, they can learn animations as well. Genti are essential for elder immortals surviving their renecrosis periods. Genti largely run the mortal world. They operate the underground portions of a city known as "Antari Complexes" where the other genti and undead can shop and schmooze. 

The Color Coding of Shades

Ghosts call themselves "Shades" in the Blood Legacies Universe.

Each Shade has a primary aura that tells how they died.

White Shade Eternity
Red Shade Eternity
Green Shade Eternity
Blue Shade Eternity
Pink Shade Eternity
Purple Shade Eternity

Shades also have a secondary aura that tells a little bit about who or what they were before they died. 

Necromancer Shade Eternity
Mortal Shades Eternity
Horror Shade Eternity
Undead Shade Eternity
Mage Shade Eternity
HalfMortal Shade Eternity
Demon Shade Eternity
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