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Loads of spoilers below. Beware. 

Candy is Hotaru's original immortal parent. 

Raul & Candy have been married since 1988. They fight a lot but they love each other. 

Kurt is the older cousin of Scott & Johnny Boy. He looks out for them since their father was killed but has not adopted them. 

Kurt is the parent of both Soledad & now Eva. He adopted Eva 3 years ago when Lucian became Count and Eva's exile was made void. 

Scott & Eva married in secret 3 years ago. His remaining Captain of the Night Watchmen was contingent on Lucian agreeing to allow his wife back into the city.  They are extremely in love with each other .

Antoine had 3 children at the start of this story. (Frederico is not pictured.) Kat is his eldest and Shannon was the middle child.

Antoine adopted Hotaru formally in chapter 4, making her his "bantling." Antoine now has more children living in SD than any other baron. 

Antoine killed Jose & Candy in chapter 3. He also thinks he killed Raul but Raul is much harder to kill than that. Candy may be dead but she's not gone and she has NOT made peace with Antoine.

Scott has an agreement with Victoria's parent (who is his very close friend) to look out for Victoria and keep her safe. Victoria has severe PTSD. For her, the "war" never ended. 

Mya & Victoria are cousins. Mya keeps a closer eye on Victoria (since Scott is kind of incompetent at it) while also keeping the family tight. 

Archibald and Alistair are brothers in the blood. They were both turned by the same woman (Perhalba). As vampiric mages, they both belong to House Belhazar--a mage house known for demon "fighting." Archibald employs Alistair to spy on his "friends." Alistair hates it. 

As a Baron under the County of Tijuana and the Greater Baja seat, Raul was made to swear fealty to Count Cipactli in 1998 after the murder of the previous Count--who was Raul's closest friend. Cipactli and Raul do not get along.  

Count Lucian of San Diego County is about 3 X older than the eldest Baron sitting at his table. He personally murdered the entire previous baronial council and offered their children the jobs of their parents in 2000. The Barons are a little messed up. 

Antoine Laveau, Archibald Radziwill, Kurt Lancaster, and Ashton Crane are new to the job and the dust is still settling from Lucian's coup--plus Tijuana agents are endlessly picking at them so they're a little testy.  

Kat is known as the artsy-fartsy gothy ring leader in town. She introduced Hotaru to some of her friends in chapter 4 at Antoine's instruction. She's trying to keep Hotaru from dancing all over Eva's emotional wounds. 

Pierce is Antoine's new majordome. As a mortal companion, he will never age and will have limited access to vampiric abilities as long as Antoine keeps feeding him Anima. He NEEDS Antoine to live.

Lina, Gunner, and Jose (not pictured) worked for Raul and lived in his Barony in Tijuana. Lina was Raul's Watchman. Now that they think Raul is dead, they take orders from Cipactli. 

Hotaru was turned and made an orphan in Kurt's barony (El Cajon). By law, he had first right to adoption if he wanted to exercise it. He wanted to do so in order to keep her close and not put her in any danger--because what happened to Hotaru also happened to his other adopted daughter (Eva) in 1999 and he is worried Eva will suffer to see it play out again. 

Cipactli smells an opportunity in Hotaru. He thinks she can be exploited as a weakness in San Diego's defenses. It worked with Eva 4 years ago... why not try it again? 

4 years ago (1999) Raul's only surviving son turned Eva and died within the first month of parenthood. Raul never met Eva. She fled back to El Cajon where she was born. He has always regretted not bringing her home where she would be safe from prejudice and paranoia. 

Kurt is bad at politics and Antoine is bad at war. They have known each other for over 200 years now and each has come to the conclusion that the other is a complete dickhead. 

Antoine's parent, Vittoria Mazzarin, and Archibald's parent, Perhalba, were both married to the previous Count of San Diego--making these two step-brothers. Now their parents and the old Count are gone and they both know the other is not to be underestimated or trusted.

In 1999 Archibald Radziwill took it upon himself to personally kill or permanently run Eva out of town. He did so and Eva left at gun point. He regrets not killing her because it looks like the city never learned not to take in Tijuana strays... Oh well, there's always more bullets. 

Count Cipactli: It is nothing personal but San Diego is weak and Tijuana is strong... it may be time to unite the Duchy of Baja once again. 

Count Lucian: FFS... Go away. I'm sick of this petty $#!% already. 

It is probably not a good thing that Cipactli seems to be in a committed "romantic" relationship with this painting of Lucian's missing great-granddaughter. 

Cipactli's Painting

May or may not be of interest that Antoine has this painting in his attic as well... done by same artist, by the way. Antoine's late son, Brian Hiernan, in 1996.

Antoine's Painting
Scott Davidson of Eternity: Hotaru

The Count selects a Captain and each Barony puts forth a Watchman who will assist the Captain in matters of law and defense. Scott is the Captain of the Night Watchmen. Mya serves as Kurt's Watchman. Alistair serves as Archibald's Watchman. All the Barons have one--all except Antoine Laveau.

Hotaru's Oni

Hotaru has a very odd tattoo of a fiery Oni on her back that was given to her by her grandfather. Hotaru says the tattoo is for protection. The tattoo came to life in chapter 3.5 and is responsible for setting Hotaru's clothes on fire, which set off the alarm and sprinkler system in Shannon's studio. Nobody saw the Oni do it though so Hotaru remains unaware. 

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