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Ketsuekigata explores your personality through your blood type. Figured we couldn't do a Japanese-American themed vampire story without at least mentioning this popular trend. Created by Japanese professor Takeji Furukawa in the 1930s as a means of determining personality traits based on medical conditions a person may be predisposed to due to their blood type. It has become a fairly popular idea and it is regularly used for determining romantic matches and understanding how a person may respond to different situations in life. So, what does your blood type say about you?  

The Types: A, B, O, AB

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Blood Type A (A-Gata)

Type A people are the stoic yet internally moody perfectionists of the universe. They are known for their helpful generosity and praised for their mental and creative passions but they are rarely ever pleased with themselves. Though they can sometimes be hard headed, they are overall trustworthy people who pursue an ideal vision of themselves, their work, and their relationships. Though they are often some of the most brilliantly creative people, they tend to cling to their mistakes. Gentle physical pursuits like Yoga, Tai Chi, or swimming can do wonders for easing the stress that A types frequently fall victim to.  A types require strong and dependable relationship bonds in order to express themselves emotionally. They are also the least tasty to mosquitoes and the same probably goes for picky vampires too. 


Scott, Raul, Mya, Antoine, & Archibald are all A-Gata!

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Blood Type B (B-Gata)

Type B people are doers, builders, and makers. They absorb skills and turn right back around to make something practical from it. They are the thinkers and go-getters of this world. Always willing to try something new but quick and insightful enough to put things down when they can see they aren't going to work out. Easily marked in a crowd by the sheer number of hobbies and passing interests they have collected over the years. Prone to getting just a little bit carried away with the things they do best. Prideful and occasionally even egotistical about personal matters. B types are generally at peace with themselves because they problem solve well and are determined to keep moving forward. They are usually forgetting or neglecting something in the background while pushing ahead into the foreground. B types can fall into pleasure seeking and are easily seduced with new shiny things. They should probably remember to eat more veggies and vegetarians too. 


Candy, Johnny Boy, Jose, Kat, Pierce, Shannon, & Ashton are all B-Gata!

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Blood Type AB (AB-Gata)

Type AB people are the eccentric chameleons of the world--a little of column A and a little of column B simultaneously. They are both shy and friendly, nurturing equally an outer self as well as a curated inner private self. AB types make instinctive diplomats but they can be prone to stressing over this role. They are at their best when making their own original solutions to life's problems as they can really struggle with following instructions in the footsteps of others. AB types are known to have trouble with memory retention and paying attention. Partly because they are already planning several steps ahead of whatever is immediately in front of them. They are active and interesting people who also tend to gravitate to spiritual pursuits. They may frequently struggle to decide what or who is for dinner. 


Gunner, Soledad, Eva, and Alistair are all AB-Gata! 

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Blood Type O (O-Gata)

Type O people are the glue that holds friendships together. They are fun loving and passionate people who have unusual interests. They may or may not be deep thinkers but they are definitely operating on a wavelength all their own. They tend to be socially adventurous, dramatic, and perhaps even a little over the top on occasion. O types are both lovable and stubborn to a fault. They greatly value their freedom to come and go as well as set their own schedules. Too much structure will inspire rebellion and O types will consider it a moral imperative to poke at authority. They require rigorous exercise in order to properly unwind. O types are the most likely to frequently order take-out or chase down dinner. 


Cipactli, Lucian, Victoria, Lina, Kurt, & Hotaru are all O-Gata! 

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