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The Immortal Families

Created for the Eternity: Hotaru Webcomic


 Blood Legacies Bidene Lamb

Bidene (bih-DEN-ee) are natural healers and creatives with strong instincts to find and repair broken objects as well as people. Their willingness to meddle in the affairs of others is among their best known traits. Bidene are seen as busy bodies and nosy neighbors who start trouble well enough but frequently leave others to clean up the mess.  The truth of the matter is that Bidene are psychological powerhouses who recover from trauma very quickly so they know when to walk away rather than allowing themselves to be dragged onward. Bidene have powerful social characteristics. They are quick witted, charming, and clever people. 

There are two major Bidene bloodlines between San Diego and Tijuana--Qainan and Coyolian. The Qainan bloodline produces immortals that are without blemish--they do not scar when they heal and their Anima can be used to heal the scars of others. The Coyolian bloodline produces immortals that draw extra energy from the moon--making their Animations stronger when performed under open moonlight.

Bidene culture is extremely private, full of closely guarded rituals and coded phrases used among them to keep them safe from predation. Before the rise of the Nosophoroi and parabolani (religious police), it was once common for other immortal families to make blood sacrifices of young Bidene. The practice may be out of sight but it will never be out of mind. Outsiders consider Bidene to be fussy and often sentimental. Bidene simply like to repair, refurbish, and reuse as much as possible--nothing ever need be discarded or sacrificed ever again. Bidene are one of the four historic "slave families," whose suppression led to a series of global religious colonialist wars that are still raging tonight. The slave families were freed over 1500 years ago but they will never ever forget what was done to them and others.

Candy Cuevas Eternity: Hotaru Webcomic
Antoine Laveau Eternity: Hotaru Webcomic
Hotaru Seratoglio Eternity: Hotaru Webcomic
Katrine Lynn Eternity: Hotaru Webcomic
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Blood Legacies Aypetion Bull
Kurt Lancaster of Eternity: Hotaru
Scott Davidson of Eternity: Hotaru
Victoria Kasat of Eternity: Hotaru

    The Aypetion (eye-PET-yon) are natural guards with strong instincts to protect areas and people that they have a fondness for. Their stubbornness is well known, as is their willingness to betray causes at the slightest provocation. The truth of the matter is that Aypetion tend to be highly selective of whom and what they are willing to protect. They demand fair and reasonable treatment and if it is not freely given then they frequently walk away. Aypetion have powerful physical characteristics: strength, agility, & endurance.

There are two major Aypetion bloodlines in San Diego--Promethean and Atlan. The Promethean bloodline produces immortals that are hot to the touch and whom can get closer to fire than any other bloodline while the Atlan bloodline produces immortals that cannot be knocked over or crushed.


Aypetion culture can seem brutal to outsiders but they consider their activities more akin to roughhousing than actual infighting. They think of themselves as a fun loving people and even the most mild of them is apt to display gallows humor. They don't tiptoe around touchy subjects, preferring instead to just plow right through to the other side--damn the consequences! Outsiders  often view them as traitors and graceless bullies while they tend to see themselves as protectors and soldiers.

Bloody Eva of Eternity: Hotaru
Mya Bourne of Eternity: Hotaru
Soledad Peterson of Eternity: Hotaru


Blood Legacies Utsahi Raven
Archibald Radziwill of Eternity: Hotaru Webcomic
Alistair Eternity: Hotaru Webcomic

Utsahi (oot-SAH-hee) are natural hunters of outsiders--fey, demons, ghosts, and generally anything not native to this world. They are well known for being secretive and at least appearing to care very little for the comings and goings of the other immortal families. They consider themselves the ultimate arbiters for what does and does not belong in their territories. The Utsahi are a neat and tidy people with strong perceptive abilities that allow them to see into hidden worlds.

There are two prominent Utsahi bloodlines in San Diego; Belhazarian and Shokian. The Belhazar bloodline exclusively turns mortal mages who then become immortal mages under their guidance and influence. The Shoki bloodline produces immortals who can shed their mortal bodies while keeping their gear in the spirit worlds. 


Utsahi culture is nearly entirely based on storytelling. They tell stories to express themselves, to hint at what they desire or what they have done rather than speaking on it directly. They live incredibly interesting lives which has the effect of making mundane things seem utterly foreign and excruciatingly boring.

Kojiro from Eternity: Hotaru Webcomic


Umbrama Skull from Blood Legacies
Raul Alkayshudla of Eternity: Hotaru

Umbrama (oom-BRAH-ma) are natural adventurers. They gravitate to secrets like nobody else and boy do the mysteries of life keep landing at their feet. If something weird is going down in the world, chances are an Umbrama either unleashed it or is running towards it at top speed. Outsiders perceive Umbrama as being the strangest of the strange--their Animations seem "not of this world." Nobody really understands what they do, how they do it, or why anyone would want to. The reality of the situation is that the Umbrama are really the only family holding this world together. While everybody else dickers with politics or whatever, the Umbrama are fighting the BIG fights against world destroying calamities. The Umbrama are a brave people who hold dominion over mirrored surfaces.

There are no Umbrama in San Diego (that anyone knows about) but Raul is a member of the Karakorian bloodline--which produces dual natured immortals who can be in two different places at once. 

Umbrama culture changes radically depending on where you are. Were several of them to ever gather together in any one location, outsiders would be forced to assume an incoming apocalypse was on its way. Umbrama themselves are diverse but many of them find comfort in religion to help them cope with the rigors of their intense lifestyles. It is either that or lots and lots of drugs. 


Blood Legacies Luperci

Luperci (loo-PAIR-chee) are natural predators, more animal than human. The family has produced many leaders both politically and on the battlefield. Luperci have a reputation for being wild and unpredictable and there are more feral Luperci in the world than those of all the other families combined. The truth of the matter is that Luperci naturally struggle with communication. Speech does not come easily to them and reading the body language of mortals and immortals often leads to discrepancies between what a person says and how they really feel. The Luperci have powerful combat abilities and communicate with animals easily.

There is only one major Luperci bloodline in San Diego and it has a long and sordid history--the Enkethi. The Enkethi bloodline produces either Kings or Conquerors. There is no in-between. 

Luperci culture is inscrutable to outsiders and many would mistakenly believe that Luperci have no culture at all--that they are all just a bunch of wild things yipping into the night and running around barefoot. Luperci culture is actually highly structured, with close-knit families, and a lot of forgiveness between them. Luperci enjoy each other's company as they know that speaking like the mortals do is (sadly) the only thing that will keep them from going feral.

Lucian VanSkoal of Eternity: Hotaru
Missing Woman of Eternity: Hotaru


Blood Legacies Accedo Family
Cipcatli of Eternity: Hotaru

(ah-CHAY-doh) There are no better hunters in this world than the Accedo. Neither the Luperci or the Utsahi have anything on these masters of the craft. The Accedo do it so easily that many make a business out of selling blood and Anima to the Debrii blood bankers in the larger cities. Accedo are also widely employed as bounty hunters and even assassins so they don't give off warm fuzzy feelings in those who interact with them. The reality of the situation is that Accedo are largely a content people. They rarely worry about anything. After all, nothing is likely going to sneak up on them. Most are relaxed and generous hosts, maybe a little eccentric but who isn't? Accedo have excellent trap-making abilities. 

There is only one major Accedo bloodline in Tijuana and none in San Diego. Cipactli's line is named after them--known to outsiders as "the crocodiles." Cipactli carries "the suffering," a disease inflicted by the bite of a Deathspawn that causes Nosophorism in immortals. It has turned their skin green and given them an inhuman appearance that is passed down to everyone in their bloodline. 

Accedo culture is relatively peaceful. They almost never take any slight or attack personally and expect that others will do likewise. They may have ambition and hobbies like everyone else but they practically never hold grudges. Whether family or most detested foe, Accedo treat everyone the same. 


Blood Legacies Ea Family

The Ea (EY-yah) are a naturally sleepy people and that also makes them a very dangerous people. Ea were once known as the "Dream Kings." Nearly every old city in the world has at least one of them slumbering in the snake-like tunnels below the bustling streets. They control the dreams and nightmares of those who fall asleep nearby. Those who remain awake don't do much better as Ea just generally excel at mind control. The truth of the matter is actually worse rather than better. Ea can and do alter memories in their subjects, erasing and replacing whatever they like. If anything, their reputation is dramatically downplayed and under reported. Ea have excellent mental abilities. 

There is one surviving Ea bloodline active in San Diego and it is the same one that was once present in Tijuana--Kilkamis. The Kilkamisian bloodline produces immortals who are strongly resistant to magic. 

Ea culture is a formal affair. The Ea credit themselves (along with the Debrii and Aliquant) with the creation of all civilization. They made all the rules and now the rules are how they survive both each other and the world they have made. Ea often communicate with each other via telepathy and dreamsharing.

Ashton Crane of Eternity: Hotaru



Adami are natural leaders and showmen. The sounds of their voices inspire great and terrible things in mortals. Adami are one of the four historic "slave families." 


Aliquant are masterminds of structure who possess the ability to change their size. They have an inherent understanding of weight, shape, and value. Considered to be one of the three families responsible for the creation of civilization.


Consuial are conscious shape shifters who can affect their own bodies as well as the bodies of others. They often fill the role of surgeon, healer, or beautician among their fellow immortals. They are incapable of healing however and so must replace their own injured parts.
*Jose was a young member of this family.


Alchemists and blood bankers. They create magic items that can be used by anyone and can even bottle animations (vampiric abilities). They control the market rates for blood and anima trading and maintain vaults for their patrons in nearly all major cities. Considered to be one of the three families responsible for the creation of civilization.


Known by many, many names across the world. The Dracena consider themselves draconic storm gods and there really is no convincing them otherwise.


The Elu are rain makers, sailors, and explorers who possess a keen sense of smell and taste. Their anima is highly sought after for its flavor and high quality. Elu are one of the four historic "slave families." 


Once powerful oracles, astronomers, map makers, and adventurers. Now among the most heavily sanctioned families in the world. 


Messengers and heralds, these powerful mimics and ventriloquists are the historians and musicians of immortal society. Querit are one of the four historic "slave families."