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Eternity: Extras!

Character info, blood types, heart flags... just random fun stuff.


Hotaru Character Portrait

These are character profiles that tell you how old a character is, what immortal family they belong to, their blood type, and their astrological signs. The character page also features heart flags that you can scroll over to read about a character's gender, sexuality, religion, and other interesting backgrounds. The flags to the right are samples. 

Gender Heart Flag
Sexuality Heart Flag
Relationship Heart Flag
Religion Heart Flag


Candy Character Portrait

Here you can read up on who's-who and how the characters relate to one another. There are some spoilers in there if you are not caught up with the comic and this section will update every couple of months as events unfold. 

Raul Character Portrait


San Diego Map from Eternity: Hotaru

Wondering where the heck Kurt's territory is? Or where Raul is hiding out? The answers you seek are here. 

sd event map 2021.png


bidene skul named.png

The names of several vampiric families have been dropped in the comic. This page will give you a deeper look into those families, their major bloodlines, and an idea about familial culture in the Blood Legacies Universe. 

aypetion skull name.png

Character Art

scott eva dance

Rough sketches, dress tests, and other random things that could vaguely be considered "art" if you release all expectation, have a glass of wine, and squint. 

archibald alistair dance

Supernatural Secrets

balboa komainu

Secrets about other worlds...
Secrets about different kinds of spirits...

Mostly just a who's-who of entities we have seen in the comic and how their different worlds interact.

Fire Oni

Heart Flags

Eternity Pride Heart

The heart flags are visual markers used to show the nuance of who a character is without derailing the adventure aspects of the story. This is the great code key for all flags currently in use.

Eternity Language Heart


ketsuekigata glass A

Ketsuekigata examines your personality through your blood type and it is pretty popular in Japan. Presented as a neat, culturally relevant way to explore character development. 

ketsuekigata glass B
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