Just a little bit of back-story and extras on some of our main characters.

R. Graves uses the playlists to help write scenes involving each character. 

Immortal Family: Bidene, Qaina Bloodline

Blood Type: O Gata

Junishi Sign: Metal Rooster

Zodiac Sign: Leo


Born in Sedona, Arizona to proud parents, Nanko and Tony Seratoglio, just as dawn broke over the horizon on August 18th, 1981. Hotaru's maternal family is from Osaka, Japan, where her grandfather, Issamu Matsumoto, is a famous horishi. Hotaru received her iconic tattoo from her grandfather for her 19th birthday, to protect her from the dangers of being a fire fighter. Hotaru graduated from Community College and left for her new job in San Diego in 2002. By 2003 she had found her crowd with the burner sub-culture of Southern California. While celebrating the receiving of her Advanced EMT certificate at a burn party in her new home town of El Cajon, she met Candy Cane. She tried to prevent a "gang fight" at the party in goofy Hotaru fashion and failed miserably. Candy illegally turned Hotaru in Baron Kurt Lancaster's territory, sparking a search and fight for the new little vampire. The war band attacked Baron Antoine Laveaux in Old Town and Hotaru was able to set him free. Though seriously pissed off about his abduction, Antoine managed to put aside his natural inclination towards revenge and agreed to adopt Hotaru as his bantling--now that Candy was dead and Hotaru was without a parent. Hotaru's new family has mixed feelings about what they perceive as a baby assassin in their midst. 


Immortal Family: Umbrama, Red Mountain Bloodline

Blood Type: A Gata

Junishi Sign: Water Rat

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Born in 1768 in the thriving trade city of Kashgar to proud parents Azali and Pulodjon. He was given the name Raamshad and he was an only son. Raamshad's family protected the Karakoram mountain pass--a secret road that provides the only known constant access point to the dead world known as Masalum. Raamshad was only made immortal after the death of his parents, even though it had been planned since his birth--as he was a syndex genti. When negotiations for an alliance  with the colonial British failed, Raamshad jumped ranks and took it upon himself to form an alliance with a Portuguese Umbrama instead. It worked and he was punished for insubordination, ordered to swap places with his new ally. Raamshad went to the capitol of New Spain in 1853 and underwent an immortal baptism, receiving his new name "Raul." In 1906 he finally met someone else who could speak Parsi and they became best buddies. This was Vincens Capet-Anjou Al-Jaji, the Duke of Baja. The Duke awarded him a barony in the city of Tijuana and he served his friend loyally as a spiritual adviser until he was killed at the hands of his twin brother, Vienne Capet-Anjou Al-Jaji--the Count of San Diego. Now Raul is a baron in service to Cipactli--the monster Count of Tijuana. Raul is obsessed with finding the Zoroastrian Spenta Amesha--the 6 primal avatars who can restore life to the dead world of Masalum. 



Immortal Family: Bidene, Akitana Bloodline

Blood Type: B Gata

Junishi Sign: Fire Horse

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Born July 16th, 1966 in Santa Fe, New Mexico at 1:06am, as Carmelo Cuevas. Originally the son of Mexican immigrants, Carmelo shortened his name to the feminine Carmel in grade school. Childhood was confusing but everything clicked in adulthood. She got a job as an escort in Reno, Nevada, under the name Carmel Candy.  She was gorgeous. A natural bossy blonde who lived and loved ferociously but she always had to win, always had to be right. Scorched earth awaited those who broke her heart. Carmel Candy killed a man who traded her for another woman but she didn’t know he wasn’t fully human. Her dead lover was the genti of an influential young vampire who came looking for the murderess who killed his mortal grandson. The man's name was Morris Cole and he had intended to kill her but ultimately decided to make her his child. He nearly instantly regretted it when she refused to do as she was told. They parted and Candy signed a blood pact that she would never return to Reno. Candy made her way down to Tijuana on the flip of a coin. There she met Raul and became his guiding light. 



Immortal Family: Bidene, Qaina Bloodline

Blood Type: A Gata

Junishi Sign: Metal Monkey

Zodiac Sign: Libra

While he may not recall it, Georges-Francoise was born on a chilly night in a Parisian brothel on October 15th, 1764, at roughly 3am. A few nights later, his closest friend and brother from another mother, Charles-Gervaise, was born in the same place. The boys were adopted together by the brothel's madam, Hyacinth Marmontel. Hyacinth never told the truth about anything and taught the boys that they could be whatever they wanted if they just used the right words. While entertaining under the assumed name of Antoine Laveaux, he caught the attention of the lonely Vittoria Mazarinette who was looking for a new lover. She took Antoine and made him her immortal child-pet. He made his boyhood brother and bestie (Charles-Gervaise) a companion immediately to stop him from aging so that they could enjoy Parisian nightlife together, forever young. It did not take long for the easy life to end. Vittoria had a rather painful idea of love. Hers was a love that shared pain rather than joy and Antoine soon discovered that her love could not be escaped. He took his pain out on Charles-Gervaise and theirs became a relationship of master & servant. Vittoria forced Antoine to follow her for centuries in the retinue of Vienne Capet-Anjou Al-Jaji--who was her husband. This made Antoine the man's step-son and he was expected to perform politically. All Antoine wanted to do was read and write books but he did what he had to in the name of survival. One night Lucian came to San Diego and in a surprise coup, he ended the reign of Count Vienne and had Vittoria murdered. Antoine was finally free. As Vittoria's eldest son, he inherited the Barony of Old Town in San Diego. Once freed of Vittoria, he sold Charles-Gervaise into the service of a distant household that he hoped he would be happier in and has not seen him since.



Immortal Family: Aypetion, Promethean Bloodline

Blood Type: O Gata
Junishi Sign: Metal Rooster

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Cuthbert Bolingbroke was born to proud parents, Patience and Ambrose, on a bleak evening, February 6th, in 1753 at roughly 8pm. As was tradition for the old but small genti family, Patience gave birth in Bolingbroke castle in Lincolnshire to be near their slumbering immortal ancestors who had been laid to rest for safety beneath the stones. The family never stayed in one place for long, their only mission being to survive. Cuthbert did not understand the danger and fragility of the family's situation and at the first chance he got as an adult, he ran his mouth off to his friends in a crowded pub about all the things he was never allowed to talk about growing up. This was a fatal mistake that led to a quick end for his whole family. Cuthbert survived the purge by being in the American Colonies at the time but it affected him profoundly. He had been a British officer but if the English won this civil war, he would be a dead man so he switched sides and joined the rebels. He caught the attention of a radical woman by the name of Agnes Sinclair who used him, turned him, and kept him as her son--little more than a slave she dragged around and referred to as her "pet man." She gave him the name Kurt and it stuck. Though humiliated, he embraced the radical concepts of equality for all regardless of gender, skin color, religion, age, or ability. Eventually (in 2000) Agnes was killed in a lightning-fast coup led by Lucian and Kurt inherited the barony of El Cajon. By then, he was a complete mental wreck and definitely not ready to rule as a baron but the younger generations needed someone on their side so he did his best. 



Immortal Family: Aypetion, Promethean Bloodline

Blood Type: A Gata

Junishi Sign: Wood Tiger

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Born May 9th, 1879 at about half past noon on a ranch near Ft. Sumner in the New Mexico Territory to proud parents Minnie & Bartholomew Davidson. Young Scott helped his father and brothers build a family home from the bones on up.  He left home early in 1896 to join the US Cavalry Corps. When THE War broke out, Scott was selected with 30 other cavalrymen to accompany General Pershing to France to join the American Expeditionary Force, arriving June 26th 1917. It was during the Meuse-Argonne Offensive that Scott was mortally wounded by machine gun fire and pinned beneath the body of his dead horse. There he was found by an immortal going by the name of Jack Lively who turned him and brought him into how war was done on the "other side." Scott lived in France with Lucky Jack until the 1960s when he finally returned to America to join forces with Lively's sister, Agnes Sinclair, and her son, Kurt Lancaster. Lively turned another disillusioned war vet (Johnny Boy Wilson) and gave Scott a little brother. Scott had missed having a little brother. The soldier family took part in the Siege of Boston in the 1970s and then in the 1980s they finally succeeded in taking a County territory for Lucky Jack's "friend"--Vienne Capet-Anjou Al-Jaji. Lively made Scott a Night Watchman for El Cajon and he became #2 to San Diego's hero Captain of the Night's Watch--a leopard spotted young Luperci named Tessa Banks. She resigned in 1999 and Scott took over her post. He secretly married Eva Sangreas at a private ceremony the following year. Scott gained a reputation among his enemies for being invincible. He's still trying to figure out how. 

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