Supernatural Drama

Written by R. Graves & Illustrated by Sako Tumi

Politics & Prophecies

Old Grudges & New Bodies

Hotaru steps into a story that has been playing out long before she arrived

but she's about to change the game for everyone involved. This little firefighting, poi spinning,

tattooed badass has her own ideas about right and wrong. All kids do, right? This one is different... 


 In 1988 the County of San Diego separated from the immortal Duchy of Baja. Without the crown jewel of San Diego, the Duchy collapsed leaving a group of undead Counts fighting over the pieces. Whoever can conquer the other cities within the former duchy, can reclaim the title of Duke. The main surviving cities in this feud are controlled by...

San Diego- Count Lucian

Tijuana-Count Cipactli

Mexicali- Countess Arantza


A few years ago, one of Raul's sons turned a mortal girl by the name of Eva Sangreas. Raul's son was killed in an accident shortly after, leaving Eva a wandering gamin (orphan). Not knowing the politics or history of the immortal world, Eva returned to her  family home in San Diego and was captured as a spy by the Captain of the Night's Watch (Scott Davidson).  In a strange twist, the pair fell in love. But Eva was too young to fully understand the danger posed by Tijuana to San Diego. Without knowing, she led Tijuana agents to vulnerable areas of the city and opened the gates for a full siege. Many in San Diego were killed by Eva's ignorance or carelessness. Fearing for her life, Eva fled--forced out of the city at gunpoint by Baron Archibald Radziwill. 

History would now seem to be repeating itself...
Hotaru was just turned by a group of raiders from Tijuana. Cipactli is counting on her ignorance leading to an exploitable opening in San Diego's defenses. Baron Archibald is having none of this nonsense.



Raul is looking for information about one of the Zoroastrian Spenta Amesha whom he believes will return to the world soon. He thinks that Antoine Laveau has the information he desperately needs. Raul would literally do anything to find the six Spenta Amesha believed to be scattered across the Earth. Only they can restore life to the dead and darkened world of the ancients.  


As much as Cipactli likes collecting prophecies and occult texts, he think's Raul's errand is bullshit BUT it does provide a cover for something HE wants. Cipactli is obsessed with a young Luperci who he believes will free him from the bonds of the dragoness--Tlaltechutli. The big problem is that she's dropped off the map. He knows she would do anything for Antoine Laveau so if Antoine is in distress... she might come back to save him. 


Antoine needs muscle. His barony is the weakest and most poorly defended of all the San Diego baronies.  If he can get a tough enough child, she may attract others of a similar bent to live in Old Town who will pay their blood tithes to him. At the very least, he'll have himself a new tax collector in a decade or so. Hotaru looks like she might be just the right fit. 


Kurt feels an obligation to the people who live in his barony--mortal and immortal alike. He's not very politically savvy but he has the best fighters in the city and they are all extremely loyal to their baron. Kurt wants to make sure that Hotaru retains her freedom. He is certain that Antoine will destroy her life. 


Not this again... 


San Diego is in a weakened state and cannot survive a direct war with either Tijuana or Mexicali--especially if the two ally against him. He does eventually plan to unite the Duchy of Baja once again but not for at least a century... They need more allies, more soldiers, more established bonds of unity within the city of San Diego itself. As it is, his barons are still fighting each other. 

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