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Arlechina "Rose" Graves 

Dance Ethnologist, Author, & Illustrator


R. Graves is a member of the historic Graves family. She was born and raised in California, where she spent a lot of time backpacking and camping as a child. Graves was raised in a family of firefighters on her father and step-mother's sides, which would become the inspiration for her first webcomic, Eternity: Hotaru. 



Graves had an early passion for languages from a young age which spiraled into a lifelong relationship with the study of communication. This in turn fueled her early interests in dance and movement history. Graves  studied traditional dances of the Mediterranean and Black Sea regions for over 25 years, specializing in iconographic interpretation, theatrical dance, martial dances, ritual dances, and reconstruction.  As a dance ethnologist, Graves frequently served as an editor and consultant for the works of other better known dance ethnologists and ethnographers. Graves' original work treats dance as a linguistic subject, focusing on the development of theatrical schemata and chironomia, used popularly in art history, to identify iconographic representations of ritual in the Mediterranean from the Bronze Age to the modern day. Combining her passion for linguistics with history, Graves has focused her work on adding cultural nuance to classical texts.



As all stories are rooted in language, so too are the arts of illustration. Graves decided to turn her background in iconographic interpretation and international folklore into the creation of stories that poke into the blind spots of popular history. Graves leans heavily on her background in obscure Mediterranean folklore to write richer and more intricate stories centering on the occult and supernatural worlds that are not accessible to the casual reader. Graves' fiction comes quite literally from oral traditions--from endangered languages, from little known practices, from music and from art. She frequently highlights uncommon language families in her written works to bring more attention to their endangered status. 



Rose Graves is an avid gardener. There are few things in life she enjoys more than growing her own food. She is a also a passable percussionist and vocalist who enjoys singing international folk music. She occasionally teaches both music and dance when the occasion arises.  


Graves is openly asexual which has shaped how she perceives the world and how she writes fiction. 


Graves is openly autistic... which has also shaped how she perceives the world and how she writes fiction. 


Graves is currently working on her first full length novel that is set to pick up where the Lucky Jacques webcomic (in production) leaves off. With any luck, this will be the first of many. 




Writer 2014-2021, Illustrator 2020-2021


2014 - 2015: Fly Away, Firefly

2015 - 2016: Temptations & Machinations
2016 - 2017: Destruction

2018 - 2019: Twice Bidene 

2019 - 2020: On the Agenda

2020-2021: Return of Spring (In Production)

Writer & Illustrator


2021: Le Bon Chevalier (In Production)



Expected In 2022: The Wishing Tree (In Production)

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